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Food Concessions - Peruvian Cuisine

Food Concessions
Peruvian Cuisine

El Carbonazo Charcoal Chicken
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Anticucho de carne con papas fritas

Marinated beef skewers served with french fries

Pollo a la brasa con ensalada y papas fritas

Rotisserie chicken marinated in Peruvian spices, served with green salad and french fries

Pollo a la Brasa

Pollo a la brasa

Papas a la huancaína

Sliced potatoes in creamy, slightly spicy huancaina sauce of yellow chilies and fresh cheese

Papa a la Huancaína

Papa a la huancaína


Tender large-kernel corn boiled and served on the cob

Kikiriki Peruvian Cuisine
Woodbridge, Virginia


Pork stew with spices and potatoes, served with rice

Papa rellena

Crispy croquette of mashed potato filled with spicy stir-fried ground beef, hard-boiled egg, and black olives

Papa Rellena

Papa rellena

Tamale (pollo o vainitas)

Mashed cornmeal with a chicken filling or vegetarian green bean filling, wrapped in a banana leaf




Tender large-kernel corn boiled and served on the cob

Peruvian Brothers Flavors of Peru
Falls Church, Virginia

Pan con chicharrón

Lightly fried pork tenderloin with grilled sweet potato slices and criollo sauce on a French roll

Pan con pescado

Baked tilapia on a bed of lettuce with tomato and criollo sauce on a French roll

Pan con Pescado

Pan con pescado

Ají de gallina

Pulled chicken stew with baked potato in a yellow pepper sauce, served with rice

Ensalada con palta y quinua

Salad of avocado topped with quinoa and a mix of vegetables

Ensalada con Palta

Ensalada con palta y quinua


Sweet shortbread cookie sandwich with dulce de leche in the middle

Firenzes Artisanal Gelato
Annapolis, Maryland

Passion Fruit
Dark Chocolate


Chicha Morada (Purple Corn Punch)
Maracuyá Juice (Passion Fruit)
Inca Kola
Cerveza Cristal
Cerveza Cusqueña
Pisco Sour Cocktail
Special Pisco Cocktail
Bottled Water

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