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Food Concessions

Open every day of the Festival from 11 a.m. until close

Every year we offer cuisines that transport diners to lands foreign and familiar, bringing them closer with every bite. Visit the Folklife Kitchen for a taste of the United Arab Emirates and local dishes that tell a story of sustainability and creativity. You’ll find flavorful small bites and entrees, tasty desserts, and summery beverages, including vegetarian- and kid-friendly options. 

In the Folklife Café, treat yourself to Arabic coffee, tea, and pastries. For those over 21, stop by the Folklife Garden Tavern and Guillermo’s Artisanal Gelato stand.

Looking to take ingredients home? Shop honey, dried fruit, nuts, spices, chocolate, coffee, and wine from the UAE and beyond in the Festival Marketplace.

* = vegetarian
ᵛ = vegan, or vegan option available

United Arab Emirates

A cardboard bowl full of chunks of brown meat, yellow rice, chickpeas, and orange carrots, with a small cup of red sauce.
Bowl of salad with lettuce greens, red cherry tomatoes, strips of pita bread, and a small cup of dressing.
Cup of pink and white swirled soft serve with a red syrup drizzled on top.
A bowl with pieces of chicken in dark brown sauce, yellow rice, orange carrots, and cup of dark brown sauce.
Round flatbread with reddish brown meat topping, set in a to-go box with a few pieces of green lettuce.
Triangular piece of layer pastry with greenish filling and green pistachio dust on top.

Charcoal Grilled Chicken – $19
Spice-marinated thighs with sweet and spicy date BBQ glaze

Beef Kofta Kebab – $19
Lightly seasoned ground beef, grilled and finished in spiced tomato sauce

Charcoal Grilled Eggplant – $16
Fire-roasted eggplant finished in spiced tomato sauce

Machboos Rice, Chickpeas, and Carrots

Fattoush Salad ᵛ — $11
Crispy pita and mixed greens

Manakeesh — $11
Beef and tomato flatbread

Luqaimat (Donuts) – $8 *

Walnut Baklava – $8 *

Rosewater Soft Serve – $8 *

Sour Cherry Sorbet – $8

Earth Optimism × Folklife

Burger with melty orange cheese and sesame seed bun, alongside grain and vegetable salads, with a cup of yellow dressing.
Toasted sandwich filled with cheese and mushrooms, alongside grain and vegetable salads, with a cup of yellow dressing.
Cup of red soup with green chive garnish.
Hoagie-style sandwich filled with chunks of fish and shredded cabbage in an orange sauce and garnished with green chives, next to grain and vegetable salads.
Bowl of brown sausage, purple cabbage, lettuce greens, and cup of red sauce.
Cup of white pudding-like dessert with a tan biscotti, showing sliced almond baked in, on top.

SuperFd Burger – $18
All-natural beef ground with custom vegetable blend, rosemary mustard, sesame bun

Smoked Wild Blue Catfish Roll – $18
Creole remoulade, shaved lettuce, brioche long roll

Mushroom Patty Melt – $16 *
Roasted PA mushrooms & onions, VA cheese, seeded rye bread, rosemary mustard

Three Sisters Salad & Heritage Grains – $8

Watermelon & Summer Veggie Gazpacho – $10

Basil Chicken Sausage – $11
Cabbage & herb salad, charred tomato sauce

Cake-Crumb Almond Biscotti with Bird Friendly® Coffee Panna Cotta * – $8
Made with Chesapeake Bay Roasting Co.

Guillermo’s Artisanal Gelato

Arabic Coffee
Dark Chocolate
Mango Sorbet ᵛ
Strawberry Sorbet ᵛ

Spirit Popsicles (21+) – $8
Apricot Brandy
Strawberry Chadonnay


Non-Alcoholic – $8
Basil Limeade
Pomegranate Lemonade
Hibiscus Iced Tea
Papaya Iced Green Tea

Bird Friendly® Coffee (cold brew) – $5
Bird Friendly® Coffee (hot) – $4
Tea – $4

Beer & Wine (21+) – $11
Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager
Devil’s Backbone Juicy IPA
Stella Artois Pilsner
White Wine

Cocktails (21+) – $14
Old Fashioned Cocktail
Sangria Cocktail
Frozen Rose Cocktail
Frozen Mint Julep

Food Allergy Notice
Please be advised that food prepared here may contain milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish. Food allergen and dietary information is available at the Accessibility tent and concession stands.

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