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  • NextGen Ozarks Showcase

    When: Saturday, July 1, 2023, 6 p.m. ET
    Where: Ralph Rinzler Main Stage
    Category: Performances

    Tradition isn’t static—it’s constantly evolving, experimenting with shapes, structures, and melodies. These young artists embrace that evolution while still paying homage to their Ozarks roots.

    The five-piece bluegrass band Sylamore Special from Mountain View, Arkansas, returns to the National Mall, after playing a preview concert at the 2022 Folklife Festival, along with fellow 2022 Arkansas Country Music Awards winner singer and multi-instrumentalist Grace Stormont. Repping Northwest Arkansas, catch singer-songwriter Pura Coco with DJ Raquel and Marshallese vocal band MARK Harmony. Oklahoma-bred songwriter and guitarist Kalyn Fay accompanied by Matt Magerkurth round out the showcase.

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