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Statement by Gaanman Gazon Matodja, Paramount Chief of the Ndjuka (Aukaner) People

So. The person speaking here today, on the 26th of March, is Gaanman Gazon Matodja of Diitabiki. Today he will speak to the people of the United States. Well, I can declare to the people of the United States that the person who occupied this post before me was Gaanman Akoontu Velanti of Diitabiki. It was his office, and now I am sitting in his place to carry on the work. By my count, this elder, Gaanman Akoontu Velanti, occupied this office for 14 years before he passed away. When Gaanman Akoontu Velanti died, I took over his office to keep his place for him. I have been in this office, I believe, for 26 years. So I state.

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